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Badgy CBGP0001C

Brand: Evolis
Product Code: Badgy CBGP0001C
Availability: In Stock
Rp 598,000


The Evolis CBGP0001C supplies kit includes:

  • YMCKO color ribbon, able to print 100 cards
  • 100 - 30 mil thick 100% PVC cards
  • Complete cleaning kit with:
    • Cleaning card that cleans the feed rollers, cleaning rollers and printhead
    • Cleaning cloth that is used to wipe the cleaning rollers
    • Isopropyl alcohol cleaning swab that is used to remove any surplus ink from your printhead
  • Evolis CBGP0001C supplies kit is for use only in Evolis Badgy200 card printers

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Badgy CBGP0001C
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