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Card Printer
Badgy 100
Printing surface         margin of 1.35 mm Print speeds    ..
Rp 9,550,000
Badgy 200
Printing surface         edge-to-edge Print speeds    &nb..
Rp 10,550,000
Badgy CBGC0030W
  Badgy CBGC0030W Cards Specifications Blank, white 100% PVC cards CR80 - standard c..
Rp 198,000
Badgy CBGP0001C
The Evolis CBGP0001C supplies kit includes: YMCKO color ribbon, able to print 100 cards 100 ..
Rp 598,000
Badgy CBGR0100C
Evolis CBGR0100C Color Ribbon Specifications Manufacturer and item #: Evolis CBGR0100C YMCKO..
Rp 480,000
Badgy CBGR0500K
Evolis CBGR0500K Monochrome Ribbon Specifications Manufacturer and item#: Evolis CBGR0500K B..
Rp 162,000
Badgy VBDG101EU
Evolis VBDG101EU - 100 card prints  Evolis supplies, including  color printer ribbon, ..
Rp 511,700
Badgy VBDG103EU
Blank, white 100% PVC cards CR80 - standard credit card size 30 mil thick 200 cards ..
Rp 428,500